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Cats and Condos - 5 Things You Need to Know


Living in the Lower Mainland means that many of us live in apartments and condos. Whether we live in studio apartments or penthouse condos, we like dwelling with our favorite furry felines. And this is great, especially since having a pet is known to be psychologically beneficial for us owners. Additionally, cats are among the best suited of all companion animals to living their lives entirely inside of an apartment or other small abode. Why? Simply put, they are safer. With the wide variety of high quality food and toy options available, cats don’t need to be outside to live a full and enjoyable life. With the proper healthcare and TLC, kitties are perfectly happy indoors.


Hydration & Your Cat – Insight into Your Cat ’ s Water Needs


Cats are believed to have descended from a small desert cat native to North Africa, and as descendants of a desert animal, they drink little and conserve water by producing concentrated urine. Cat’s bodies are made up of about 70% water, andtheir desert-dwelling roots mean they’ve evolved to obtain their water requirements almost entirely from the moisture content in their food. The natural prey that cats would catch in the wild (e.g. small rodents, birds, amphibians, and insects)contain about 70-75% water when freshly killed. However, cats can become dehydrated when the water content of their food drops to less than 61%.


“My Sofa!!!” – Cat Scratching Explained, Plus 3 Tips on How to Minimize it


Cats are territorial animals and scratching is actually one of the ways that cats mark their territory.


Drop by the Maple Ridge location at the end of April and learn about the best way to bring a friendly feline, that needs a family, into your home.

Ever wonder what adopting the best fur buddy entails, we want to invite you to come on down to explore unconditional love and loyalty that goes into consideration for dog adoption.

Surrey Community Cat Coalition is coming to Newton! With a food drive to help feed the kitties, in store deals and great fun for a cause. April 8th and 9th from 12pm to 4pm both days.

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