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My cat is scared of my new puppy. 


You’ve taken all the puppy precautions, you’ve bought the equipment, you excitedly arrive home and wham the cat & the puppy are rolling about furiously.... Didn’t see that coming.  Before you get concerned, it’s usually just about time & territory. 

The key is separation, if you have a baby gate simply create a situation where puppy & kitty each have their own territory.  Of course, yes your cat can jump the gate but likely they’d rather get to know their new mate in their own time.  If your feline seems frisky to jump the gate prematurely, then just secure some aluminum foil on top to discourage the leap.  Now, they can sniff & paw at each other through the gate, they will see you paying attention to each of them equally.  Eventually, the world will be a happy place again.