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Drinking Fountains For Cats


Domestic Cats ancestors were desert dwelling wild cats. Modern Cats retain many of their drinking habits from this heritage. They are very efficient at retaining water by minimizing the amount of water they lose through concentrated urine, dry stool and very minimal amounts of sweat.

Why Use A Litter Mat?


Keeping litter tracking in check with a litter mat. A litter box mat will very effectively reduce the incidence of your feline friend tracking their litter throughout your home.

Which Litter Box Is Right For My Kitten?


So your little Suzy is coming home this weekend. You’ve enthusiastically made all the preparations... well all except for one. Choosing your new kitten’s litter box can often be a daunting task. Open box or covered box? Learn about the pros and cons of different types of litter boxes for your kitten.

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