Dog Parks

Mariner / Mundy Park

641 Hillcrest Street


  • Separate area for smaller dogs (under 35LBS)
  • Double gated & Fully fenced
  • Gravel & Grass level ground
  • Very large area….(lots of running & playing space)
  • Benches & Tables
  • Water stations
  • Take a bag/ leave a bag
  • Bathroom 
  • Parking lot
  • Garbage Receptacles
  • ON and OFF LEASH forest trail - make note of hours
  • No lighting
  • No Shade in enclosed play area


This off-leash park is a short 2-3 minute walk from the parking lot. There is a sign provided telling you where to go. Off leash and on leash trail areas are present in this 400 acre forest. 

There is a separate small dog entrance / exit with a separate play area.

Both areas are double gated with secure latches.

With a level ground made of gravel and grass there is a ton of running room although can be quite muddy in damp weather. There are not trees in the secured off leash area (No shade) but there are wooded trails you can take your pet through as well which are off leash until 10am. There are so many power lines that occasionally you feel the vibrations or hear the humming but the dogs certainly didn't seem affected at all.

Water stations (fountains and bowls) are provided as well as baggies. They run on the Take a bag / Leave a bag system. There are washroom facilities and garbage receptacles available. In addition there are benches & picnic tables to sit on.

The park can get crowded before and after dinner according to the people I spoke with. Most of the people seemed to be regulars and knew each other as they came and went. Very friendly welcoming people / atmosphere.

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