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    Power Spot Under 30lb


    Under 14 kg (30 lbs) will offer an effective and economical alternative. These products are designed to be used once a month.

    -Contains a powerful, effective insecticide which kills adult fleas & ticks on contact

    -Also kills Blacklegged Ticks (Deer Ticks) which may carry the organism that carries Lyme disease

    -Kills flea eggs laid on your pet for 4 weeks

    -Effective, easy to use and economical

    -Spreads over complete body through natural motion of animal

    -4 Month Supply


    Cats that actively groom or engage in close physical contact with recently treated dogs may be at risk of harm.


    -4 Tubes x 1mL Each (under 14 kg)

    -4 Tubes x 2mL Each (over 14 kg)

    Active Ingredients: Permethrin 45%/(S)-Methoprene 2.9%
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