For Dogs


Dogs have been domesticated since early times. Certainly, there are and have always been practical benefits to the partnership between dog and human. Even now, modern dogs serve sensible purposes such as being a companion to those who hunt, or of course guarding our homes.

We seek companionship with our dogs, a unique relationship that embodies so many aspects of life. You most likely enjoy walks with your dog, the occasional game of fetch or maybe just lazing on the couch. Whatever your connection, it makes you healthier.

Whether you realize it or not your dog has a profound impact on your daily life and more importantly your overall happiness.


Are you simply looking for a functional leash strong enough to handle your endlessly energetic toy poodle? Maybe Fluffy requires a little bling-bling for that special day out. It’s not uncommon to see cats & dogs sporting accessories that identify their personality. Likely, you shop that way for yourself and so at least occasionally you probably desire something more fashionable for your best four-legged friend too!

Every day we are researching products so you don’t have to bother. Just come into any of our locations to find the best products, priced with value in mind. So, whether you know exactly what you want or you have a few questions, the Associates at Pet Food ‘N More can help.

You may not arrive exuberant about your impending leash & collar purchase; however it’s our goal that you leave having more fun than when you arrived. Even the most skeptic customers have left our stores feeling empowered by the quality & fashion choices currently available.


This is a question that at first glance may seem obvious, after all any bed will do. However, you may be surprised to find out that your dog has a preference. Likely, your best friend won’t be tapping you on the shoulder, eagerly saying “pillow style please”. Although, if you pay attention he probably is showing you which bed will suit him best.  

So, making an informed bed purchase on behalf of your companion, means first observing their behavior at home.

Pillow style, Ideal for dogs; 
• who like to sprawl out
• who like to stretch their legs
• who seem to display an overall lack of control as to where their body ends up

Donut style, Ideal for dogs;
• who like to curl up
• who spend time appearing to make a nest, before settling in
• who display a tendency to be more particular in where they rest

The wonderful part about being in tune with your dog’s non-verbal cues is that over time the bond you share will grow. Through the years, you’ll find the connection with your dog is unlike any other relationship in your world!