Camping with your Dog

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Want to go camping with your dog? Don’t know where to start? Here is some information.

The first step is to decide on the type of campground that best suits your dog. British Columbia has campgrounds that fall under four categories: Private Campgrounds and RV Parks, Provincial Parks, Recreation Sites (Forestry sites) and also National Parks. Each Category has a variety of terrains and their own dog regulations.

Private Campgrounds and RV Parks

Most private sites welcome dogs, but the most common rules are that they should be leashed and not left unattended. Some places may have dog designation areas. It is always a good idea to contact private campgrounds or RV park and ask about the rules.

B.C.’s Provincial Parks

All of B.C.’s Provincial Park vehicle accessible campgrounds allow dogs. The rules are that dogs Must be leashed, the must remain within your campsite area and cannot be left unattended. The majority of sites also have the rule that dogs are not permitted in public areas such as; day-use areas, beaches or picnic areas, or public buildings including washrooms and also shower buildings.  That being said many parks do have special beaches for dogs and certain areas where pets are allowed. The following link provides a list of parks that have designated dog beaches and off-leash areas.

Recreation Sites

All recreation sites allow dogs. These area are less populated and are more remote. They are great for campers with dogs looking for a more wild settings and rustic amenities. The rules are generally that owner’s must keep their dogs quiet and under control at all time. Some sites may have individual rules regarding off and on leash areas, so it is always a good idea to call ahead.

National Parks

14 of Canada’s National Parks in B.C. host campgrounds. Dogs are welcome in national parks, but regulations require that dog must be kept on leash at all times including in the campground, at your campsite, at the beach and in the water.

What do you bring camping for your dog?

Following is a list of items  and pet products that would be good to pack for your dog when going camping:

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