5 Reasons to Consider Raw or Freeze Dried

5 Reasons to Consider Raw or Freeze Dried

The 5 Reasons to Consider Raw or Freeze Dried

1) Dogs and cats both have a nutritional need for meat, bones, and vegetables. A diet consisting primarily of meat, organs, bone, and fat reflects what your pet would eat in his ancient natural habitat. With natural proportions of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and amino acids, raw diets provide wholesome nutrition for the health and well-being of your animal companions.

2) There is minimal processing and zero to low carbs makes it easier to digest and raw food helps with hydration.

3) The cooking process used in non-raw diets can chemically alter or destroy the naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and probiotics which are important for good health. Raw and Freeze Dried reduces the amount of additions or substitutes added to  your pet’s food.

4) What about bacteria? Like with other aspects of life some bacteria are good and helpful, while others are not. There are brands available that have regular testing processes done on their products so that no harmful bacteria are around to harm your pet. This is also a good reason to look at frozen raw and freeze dried options as they are more likely to have passed kill temperatures.

5) Only raw or only canned or only kibble is a common misconception. As much as it is believed that the best thing for digestion and over-all health is a fresh food diet, there can be huge benefits achieved from simply incorporating a small amount. Examples of this could be feeding raw meals once or twice per week, introducing fresh bones, or even adding a tablespoon of meal topper or vegetable mix to your pet’s current meal. There doesn’t need to be a drastic or enormous change, even doing little things can have a huge positive impact for your pet!

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