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About Inaba

Inaba creates nutrient rich, fun treats for both Cats and Dogs as well as meal toppers for cats.  Inaba foods is committed to giving pet parents healthy options for their beloved pets.  Their treats are low-calorie, grain-free, moisture-filled, and prepared without preservatives or artificial colors. Inaba also works to ensure their deep-sea tuna is collected in a sustainable way as well as certified dolphin safe.

Inaba also maintains FDA registration in all their facilities, meaning they follow the same procedures as those of a U.S. human-grade food manufacturing plant. Their packaging uses oxygen-blocking properties to maintain and protect the health of your cat.

The Inaba family has been delivering quality ingredient products to customers since 1805 in Japan. Inaba Foods branched into the pet food market in 1958, and has become a worldwide popular brand for premium dog and cat treats

Shop Inaba at One of Our Seven Convenient Locations

You can also purchase Inaba products from our friendly and helpful staff at any of our seven locations here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.