Our Philosophy Pet Food 'N More

Our Story

Our Philosophy… Offer More

Pet Food ‘N More is a family owned company started in 1988 by two brothers who share a deep love for pets. These brothers set out to offer service beyond that of a traditional pet store. This exceptional service fosters the unique relationship you share with your pet. Our philosophy is to offer more to you and your best friend.

Pet Food ‘N More goal is always to keep your companions needs first. By always offering you honest, exceptional customer service and high quality products.

With kind hearts and a passion for the well-being of animals, the Pet Food ‘N More vow to never sell pets in their stores. Instead, they promotes that all pets deserve loving homes and should never be treated as inventory. Through this decision, helping local animal shelters is a vital part of our daily operations.

Throughout the years, the retail industry has seen many changes including the decline of “real customer service.” However, customers like you have come to expect “More” from Pet Food ‘N More because our service remains consistent. From the early days of two brothers striving to provide something “More,” to the over 75 associates we now have to serve you, our picture of customer service remains the same.

Pet Food ‘N More maintains a simple yet effective standard which includes three core values.

  • Put the well-being of your companion first
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Always be honest