#400-7380 King George Boulevard
Surrey, BC
604 591 5921


Due to Covid-19 we now have a Seniors/Immune compromised shopping hour on Thursdays from 9am-10am


Wed – Fri

10am – 7pm


10am – 9pm


9am – 7pm


10am – 6pm

Our Newton Village store is ideally situated at the corner of King George Blvd. and 74th Avenue.  We have a variety of other retailers nearby, which helps you get several errands marked off your list, with only one stop.  Remember, we know you’ve had a busy day so we’re always happy to carry out your purchase.

Not sure what you need?  Have a couple of questions about your furry friend?  Need to use the Grooming Room? Come and talk to one of our friendly associates: we can’t wait to help and if we don’t have the answer, we’ll be sure to find out for you!