Great Jacks Dog Liver & Cranberry Big Bitz
Great Jack’s Pork Liver & Cranberry Dog Treats



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Great Jack’s Pork Liver & Cranberry Dog Treats

Great Jack’s Pork Liver & Cranberry Dog Treats


This product features:

  • Soft, chewy dog treats
  • Kettle-cooked
  • 60% pork liver
  • Large pieces for big dogs
  • Limited ingredients for sensitive stomachs
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Great Jack’s Pork Liver & Cranberry Dog Treats

Great Jack’s Pork Liver & Cranberry Dog Treats are a kettle-cooked snack that contains up to 60% pork liver. They feature limited ingredients, no grain, and large pieces for big dogs. This delicious, protein-rich treat will have your pup wagging for more.

Canadian Jerky offers many dog treats your canine will love! Try Beef Jerky Tendon Bars and Cod Skin Cubes too.

About Canadian Jerky—They’re Pet Lovers First

Based in Surrey, B.C., Canadian Jerky opened in 2016 to provide premium quality, nutrition dense, delicious pet food. They source 100% of their ingredients from Canada, which means your pet gets a taste of home in every bite. Their products include soft treats, limited ingredient snacks, and air-dried foods. You might even recognize some of their labels—Zeal Canada, Great Jack’s, Buddy Jack’s, Lazy Kitty and more.

Where you can purchase Canadian Jerky products…

Pet Food ‘N More is not your average pet store. Here we offer quality pet food products and supplies for all your pet’s needs at our seven locations. Each store is equipped with our friendly, knowledgeable staff who are thrilled to answer any questions and make recommendations based on your needs.

You can purchase Canadian Jerky products from any of our seven locations here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

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About Canadian Jerky Pet Food and Treats

Canadian Jerky is a Canadian company in Surrey, B.C. that produces premium quality pet food and treats. All recipes include fresh ingredients from local sources. This local company passionately produces clean, balanced, and wholesome products for your pet. Great Jack's, Lazy Kitty, and Zeal are all Canadian Jerky brands. These brands feature soft, chewy treats, bully sticks, air-dried raw pet food and—of course—jerky. Additionally, their products are human grade quality, high in protein and are grain & gluten free which your pets are sure to love! Gently air-drying raw dog food effectively removes moisture without using heat. This process minimizes loss of nutrition and flavour while extending shelf-life. Air-dried food is a simple way to feed your pet a raw diet. A raw diet improves digestion, coat and  immunity. Shop Canadian Jerky Pet Food and Treats at One of Our Seven Convenient Locations You can purchase more products from our friendly and helpful staff at any of our seven locations here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Pork Liver, Vegetable glycerin, Pea fiber, Sweet potato powder, Pea protein, Coconut oil, Molasses, Buckwheat Flour, Salt, Yeast extract, Cranberry, Rosemary extract.

  • *Ingredients list may not be current. For any allergy or dietary concerns, please visit the Canadian Jerky website to check for any ingredient changes or updates.

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