Throughout the years, your stories have been a source of amusement, intrigue, and even sometimes sorrow. Each companion who has walked, waddled, slithered, crawled, or been carried through the door holds a special place in Pet Food ‘N More history. Whether to taste the newest treat, find the perfect coat, or sit on Santa’s lap, your best friend has made a contribution.

Sharing your stories and testimonials gives others the opportunity to enjoy those memories and experiences.

Here’s What Customers are Saying About Our…

Customer Service

Ever since we got our rescue puppy last June, Lexie’s favorite store has been the local “Pet Food ‘n More” here in Maple Ridge. The staff has helped reinforce her manners, and she quickly learned to sit to get a treat from them. She loves the various dog biscuits which we can buy in bulk for her walks and it’s nice that there’s always a big bowl of fresh water by the door for a quick drink after shopping. You guys are great!

Chuck B.

For the past 7 years, my husband & I have enjoyed taking our German Shepard, to visit Santa. We’re happy that the event is a fundraiser for Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, as I have an Aunt who has benefited greatly from having a Guide Dog for the past 3 years.  Those dogs are a tremendous support to the visually impaired in communities across Canada.

Ted & Janelle F.

Just wanted to say thank you to the staff that was working last Wednesday morning!  I’m Oscar’s Mom, we adopted Oscar a few weeks ago.  Anyways, I’m so glad you took time to tell me about crate training, it has been only 4 days and already Oscar is happy with his new house.  The rest of us are happier with Oscar because he’s no longer destroying things when we’re away. Thanks again

Sandra R.

Events (Santa Photos)

Thank you for sending the photos… they are wonderful.This event has become a Christmas tradition for us, and wonderful way to share the love of our special animals.Take care, and Merry Christmas.

Tara & Scott M.

You are so sweet, thank you so much, it’s people like you that makes a difference in the world!  I will definitely tell all my friends with pets what wonderful customer service your store has.  Thank you again and have a wonderful holiday season.

Diann F.