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We are honoured to join with our customers to raise funds for Canadian Guide Dogs For The Blind (CGDB). CGDB is a national, non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1984 to provide Canadians with greater mobility and independence through the use of professionally trained guide dogs.

Nicole's Story

Guide dogs can make all the difference those with vision impairments. In the latest CGBD newsletter, Nicole Brown tells the story about how her guide dog, Aspen III, has enhanced her life:

Nicole Brown’s life has changed in many ways since she received her guide dog hero, Aspen III in August 2018. Her freedom to overcome obstacles increased dramatically.

Nicole was born with a ventricular brain hemorrhage, which caused damage to her optic nerve. When she sees, it is as if you are looking out of two straws. Therefore, her visual fields are not that great. Nicole also has difficulty with her hearing and processing of information. 

Like many individuals who are blind or visually impaired, Nicole was hesitant in using a long cane for mobility. She says, “When I was younger, I did not want to use my cane, but when I found out that I needed to know how to use my cane before I could get a guide dog, I was determined to learn the skills I needed to use the cane properly. I was so determined and, in the end, it helped me realize that I could be independent”. 

She adds, “Aspen has given me enormous independence and confidence that I couldn’t ever imagine without her by my side. Aspen has a strong positive impact on my life. She makes what would be everyday challenges invisible and easier to deal with. For example, avoiding obstacles, navigating in crowds, finding a seat in the mall, guiding me to the doorway and aiding me down the stairs, to name a few. Aspen and I are a great team and, together, we are unstoppable”. “Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind means independence, self-confidence, and knowing they are there for me to have a fulfilling life.” 

228000 Raised so Far

How You Can Help

When you visit our stores this December, you can join in and help with a donation to help others like Nicole. CGDB operates entirely by donations, so your dollars go right to work helping those in need.

Visit any of our seven stores to donate or donate directly to CGDB online. 100% of your donations go directly towards supporting guide dogs. Together we’ve raised over $191,200 and last year your donations raised $27,500. Thank you for your support and let’s make this year even better!