7 Neat Aspects About Dogs

7 Neat aspects about dogs pet food 'n more happy labradoodle

7 Neat Aspects About Dogs

Have you ever wondered about why your dog chases his tail and licks his nose… what is he feeling or trying to tell you?

Thanks to insights from pet expert Christian Wolb, from Hopi Animal Hospital, we are able to share this list of 7 neat facts you may not know about your pup.

1. When you dog chases his/her tail it might not just be for exercise or because of predatory instinct. Sometimes it is because of fleas or discomfort. So don’t just ignore it, sometimes give your friend a going over if he/she increases the frequency of tail chases.


2. Dogs dream while they sleep. Do not be shocked if you seed your dog barking or moving his/her feet while asleep. He/she may have been chasing toys or other animals in his/her dream. Humans and dogs share the same cycles of SWS(slow wave sleep) and REM(rapid eye movement) while asleep. So let him/her experience the moment and savor twitching while the eyes are closed.


3. Dogs have night vision. This is how they can move around freely in the dark? They have a layer in there eyes of tapetum lucidum, which gives them the ability to see when it is dark.


4. Does your dog seem to change behavior or do something silly many times just before the weather changes or it rains? Although Scientists have not yet found proof to solve this mystery, according to some, dogs can determine the weather. Some research projects show that silly behavior can increase before the weather changes especially before it rains.


5. Dogs don’t sweat like humans. A human can sweat anywhere on their skin, but dogs only sweat on their paw pads. When you find that your dog’s paw pads are sweating that is a good indicator that it is a bit too warm for them.


6. Your dog’s nose is wet because he/she is absorbing scent. Popularly known to be a captain of scent, dogs secrete a mucous on their nose to help them recognize scents. When their noses get wet, they sometimes lick them so they can sample the scent they have gathered with their mouth.


7. Dogs are the chiefs of scent. They can smell 100,000 times more accurately than their owners. This explains why they can track down other animals and people and will know when someone they know is getting close before their owners.

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