Top 5 ways to help your pet beat the heat

Take note of these tips to keep your pal safe, happy and healthy this summer!

  1. Dogs that are white or hairless are the quickest to suffer from sunburn. Break out the clothes and sunscreen.
  2. Avoid midday outdoor exercise when the heat is the strongest. Opt for early morning or later evening.
  3. Hot surfaces, such as concrete, metal and wood, are pain for paws. Pet booties will make for a happy pet.
  4. Hydration, hydration, hydration! Keep your pals water bowl filled, and ensure they get enough pit stops when out and about.
  5. Lastly, be sure to watch out for signs of heatstroke. Heavy panting, vomiting, dark red gums, lethargy, in coordination, and excessive drooling, are all signs to look out for.

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