But now who do I play with? Tips for Dogs when the kids are back at school.

A few fun tips for keeping your pet active with the kids gone.

  1. Dogs are scavengers by nature, meaning they are programmed to spend many of their waking hours in search of food. Use this to your advantage by getting your dog hunting for his meals with a few inventive practices. Instead of a food bowl, feed your dog kibble out of a food puzzle (a hollow toy with openings for kibble to fall out).
  2. Play games! Hide and Seek is a doggy favourite. Have your dog sit and wait while you go find a hiding spot. Call them once when you’re hidden and praise them enthusiastically when they find you.
  3. Need some help around the house? Dogs love having a job to do! Even if it’s something as simple as fetching you your slippers. Make them feel extra useful by teaching them the names of some items you wouldn’t mind them retrieving for you. If you want to impress all of your friends teach your dog to fetch you something from the fridge.
  4. When you’re able to get outside, grab a ball and head to one of the many great dog parks.
  5. Lastly, doggy day cares and dog walkers are another way to give your dog interaction while you’re away from home or when you just need a break.

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